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Frank Winter
Frank Winter Season 2.png
Age: N/A
Occupation: Scientist
Winter Family
Season: 1
Episodes: 13
Work Location: P.O. Box 1663
Actor: John Benjamin Hickey

Frank Winter is the leader of a group of scientists within the Manhattan project.

Behind the Scenes[]



"FRANK WINTER is a bold and off-center American genius who leads a group of scientists within the Manhattan project. Brilliant, kinetic, and self-destructive, Frank is a scientific purist who believes that the work is all that matters. Frank has few friends—he prefers ideas to people, finding in the secret laws of physics an elegance and cleanliness that is missing in the messier realm of human relationships. If it weren’t for his wife, Liza Winter, he would have become a recluse years ago. Now that military secrecy has severed the lifeline of communication with Liza, Frank is a man alone. His isolation comes at a steep cost."
Official description