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Liza Winter
Age: N/A
Occupation: Housewife
Season: 1
Episodes: 1
Work Location: P.O. Box 1663
Actor: Olivia Williams

Liza Winter is a highly talented botanist. She is married to the head scientist Frank Winter.

Behind the Scenes[]


Liza Winters is introduced in the pilot episode as Frank Winter's wife. She is a renowned botanist and has published several scientific papers. She gave up her dream of working with academia for Frank to work on the Manhattan Project.


"LIZA WINTER is the beautiful, headstrong wife of Frank Winter. Frank entered Liza’s life when she was a junior at Barnard. Always the smartest individual in class, she received her PhD in Botany. Liza aspired to lead a life of scientific research at a world-class university—the last thing she wanted was a husband to tie her down. But she fell in love with a man who was as singular as she was. In Los Alamos, everything changed. Frank’s vow of secrecy has taken priority over his vow of marriage, leaving Liza alone and conflicted. She is snubbed by the housewives, who think of her as a scientist, and shunned by the scientists, who think of her as a wife. "
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