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Manhattan Wiki Community Policy

Users who repeatedly violate the Manhattan Wiki rules can be blocked for a certain amount of time. In the table beneath, you can see for which violation you may be blocked as well as the length of the block.

For more questions on blocking, contact one of the Admins or Bureaucrats.

Violation Blocking / Warning Period Applies to
Extreme Swearing. Immediate block 3 months Every user
Editing another user's userpage without valid reason. 3 warnings 6 months Normal Users
Light Vandalism or Spam (inserting whitespace) 3 warnings 1 month Everyone
Strong Vandalism or Spam (inserting gibberish, advertisement, sexual content, strong language) Immediate block 1 year Everyone
Sexually explicit pictures or any other kind of pornographic content Immediate block Infinite Everyone
Creating another account and pretending to be another person. Immediate block of all accounts 2 weeks for original
Infinite for second accounts
Harassing other users 1 warning 1 month Everyone
Editing archived pages 3 warnings 1 month Normal Users
Locking page(s) for no valid reason 1 warning 1 month block Admins and Bureaucrats